Sunday, March 4, 2012

Really...I've been here all along...

Oh my. Well, my intention when I created this blog space last year was to provide project and class updates for parents and to join the myriad art teachers who share their inspiring classrooms online. And while my intention was noble, my follow-through has been less than. I got through the second semester of last year fairly well. Summer, too, for that matter. Then the new year school, a cart and 27 classrooms instead of one art room, tons of paper work, new grading system, and a very early bed time. Also, I was asked not to share my blog with parents this year because it's not a school-run site and not part of our school's web site. So anyway, I swear I've just now started to feel as though I can breathe and begin to process this year. And it's over in three months.

I do want to keep the blog; I really like having a visual record of things I'm doing in class. But the blog needs's become a catch-all...projects, ideas, research, ramblings, my work (just started participating in Illustration Friday - what fun!). I also keep playing with the template, so don't be confused if it's different each time you visit. I'll eventually settle on design and stay there for a while.

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