Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I've viewed a lot of IF submissions this week, and I've been surprised (and a bit comforted) by how many folks noted that this week's topic, Yield, was a tough one for them. It was for me, as well. I think this is because the word "yield" has very concrete meanings for me, so it was a bit more difficult to try to break out of the road sign and garden references (though I did see some extremely creative and well-done illustrations along these themes!).

So here's what I was thinking when I drew this bright bird (and I know...it's quite a stretch): Just how bizarre/colorful/odd would a bird have to be to yield Easter eggs? (Assuming, of course, that Peter Cottontail didn't have to color them all prior to delivery.)

Easter is one of my favorite times of year, so I've got colored eggs on the brain. Anyhow, I'm not crazy about the final outcome, primarily because it feels like the bird's colors are overworked. I like to leave more white when I use watercolors. But overall, I suppose he's not so bad for Day 4 of Spring Break AND the dreaded FLU (darn those adorable children). (So we could also say that 2 days of fever and chills followed by 2 days of pressure headache and congestion yields drawings of strange birds.)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Spring! :)


  1. I had never thought of that, but you're right.
    It has to be a fantastic and colorful bird.

  2. I think so, as well. Thanks for your support. :)

  3. Oh....I love it!! Exuberance and color and LIFTOFF.

    (hope you feel better...amazing how you can create something so happy while feeling so flu-ey)

  4. Ugh, we’re recovering from food poisoning over here! Three loads of laundry are in the works today to rid the house of the ensuing stench of vomit :-( No fun. I agree with the above comment -- kudos on being able to keep such a lively illustration while you were feeling under the weather. Birdy has such personality -- I love him!

  5. Thank you both! I'm feeling better and taking it even a step further today...I'm leaving the house for the first time since I got home from school (work) Friday. :) Alicia, I hope you and your family are feeling better. That's really awful, especially with kids. Hope you're able to relax a bit after all that laundry is done!

  6. What a cute happy bird! I love the way she is doing a sort of mid-air dance. Lovely little coastline background too. And hooray for getting outside. It's close to 80 today (near Chicago) - I can't believe it!