About Me


I'm just starting my blog back up after almost six years of absence, four and a half of which I did not have a permanent teaching position. In 2013, I moved from the South to the Northeast, got married, became a (step)parent, did a little freelancing, and even took a stab at having a studio (not structured enough for me). But I missed teaching, which was actually a surprise to me, because I'd left a very stressful teaching position when I moved and had just about convinced myself that full-time teaching just wasn't for me. 

During those four and a half years of somewhat nomadic and unstable employment, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to teach part time at an art college in my city. I substituted, as well, for four school years. (I covered FOUR long-term sub maternity leave stints.) And I suppose that all of that temporary work left me feeling far less like the professional I wanted to be; but it also brought me to the realization that I truly missed having my own classroom. 

Self-Portrait: Dances with Ice Cream (2012)
Anyway...the blog fell by the wayside, and now that I have a permanent position again, I realize how much I enjoyed writing about my students and sharing their work. And honestly, I need to see proof of the progress my students and I are making. I teach K-8 at an IB charter school, and jumping back into full-time teaching has proven to be both exhilarating and extremely challenging. In some ways, I feel like a first year teacher all over again. It's definitely been a humbling reminder that I yet have much to learn. But I'm committed to doing my best, and so, here I am, sharing the best part of my job: my kids. I hope their creativity is as inspiring to others as it is to me.