About Me

In 2004, at Chesterbrook Academy in Raleigh, NC
I believe that the arts are essential (elemental, if you will ;) to a solid educational foundation, and I am truly grateful to have one of the most amazing "jobs" possible. I spend every single day exploring and making art with young artists so filled with creativity and enthusiasm that they are far more inspirational to me than I could ever be to them.

Confrontation -
colored pencil

Currently I teach K-6 Art in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I've been teaching art in one form or another for the past ten years, both in schools and through non-profit art centers. I also spent three years of that time developing fine arts community programming for children in Georgia and North Carolina.

Summer - pen & ink, watercolor
My undergraduate degree is in Illustration, and I hold a master's in Elementary Education with certification in Art (K-12) and Elementary (K-6). My route to teaching art full-time has been somewhat unconventional, but I'm very grateful for the path that brought me to this point.

As an artist, I work primarily in two-dimensional media: colored pencil, pen & ink, watercolor, and digital media (save for the occasional papier mache or paper collage project, both of which I adore). But one of the reasons I love teaching art is that I am able to explore so many varying media and methods of creating.
Not Pictured: The Underwater Volcanic Rock
that Tried to Eat Me - colored pencil

I am very grateful for the work that I do, and I hope that I am blessed to be able to continue to encourage and guide young artists for years to come!