Wednesday, April 4, 2012

IF: Return

Summer is a mere two months away, and I am anxious for its return!

The end of the school year is always a bit exciting (energies are HIGH), but it's also more than a bit packed with all that still remains to be completed. I'm planning two field trips and my end of year exhibit (for all 600 students!), plus evaluations are coming up, and, of course, the FCAT (Florida's two weeks of standardized testing). And now MAPP testing, as well...the students will be given a standardized test in the Enrichment subjects. I've never had to "teach to a test" (and I refuse to do so now), so this whole idea of testing my young artists on content (especially when I only see them once every five school days, if that) is a bit stressful. And so visions of lazy days filled with reading and painting are my fuel right now.

This illustration is how I imagine myself for the larger part Summer 2012. Apparently, I was thinking the same thing around this time last year, as I painted this last May. The girl in the painting is not me at all, by the way. She just kind of appeared in the midst of the flowers, and she did seem to kind of belong there, so I allowed her to stay. I apologize yet again for pulling a painting out of the archives. (See above for my excuse...)

So let's go, Summer. I'll be right here waiting, Kindle and paintbrush in hand.


  1. Really lovely composition. Beautiful flower and hand details, and the woman relaxing with a good book looks extremely content. I would like to go there! (I wouldn't bug her. I would find my own spot. No pun intended on the bug thing, as I see you've got a cute little orange caterpillar checking out the scene!)

    1. Thank you! While the girl is not me, the hands are mine. :)

  2. This is so pretty and clever. I love all the little details and showing the fingers is a neat idea.

  3. Such wonderful detail, and expert use of watercolors!

  4. Thank you both for your kind comments!!

  5. The girl IS you. Love your blog. Glad you caught up. xo