Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter Oil Pastels (3rd-5th)

Broward Education Foundation held a holiday card contest in November, so I took the opportunity to introduce students to oil pastels and the beautiful contrast that can be achieved by applying them to black construction paper. One of our entries won third place in the elementary division!

I do get frustrated with the number of contests that are pushed our way, and as often as I can I try to turn the contests into lessons. Aside from being a terrific introduction to oil pastels, our card designs offered excellent opportunities to discuss contrast, composition, horizon line, foreground/background/middle ground, shape, positive/negative space, and texture. Students were encouraged to let the black of the construction paper become part of their art by allowing it to show through in lines and other areas of black.

Below are just a few of our submissions. (I apologize for the quality of the images. I didn't have time to scan these before submitting them, and the only camera I had was my phone. Where I've been able to remember which students made a drawing, I've added first names.) 

Artist: Midsi, 3rd Place Winner - Broward Education Foundation Holiday Card Contest

Artist: Declan

(Seriously...what's more fun than snowboarding penguins??)

Artist: Joseph

Aritst: Evangelina

Artist: Miquel

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