Sunday, February 20, 2011

Red Dots (2nd-5th)

This is a simple lesson that I do to introduce students to positive and negative space and to begin talking about composition. Students cut a circle out of construction paper and then, starting with the circle in the center of the black square, move it around until they are happy with their composition. The only rule is that some part of the circle must go beyond at least one edge of the square (no boring "smack in the middle" compositions).

We talk about balance, space (positive/negative), and discuss what makes a good composition. Once students glue their circles to the black square and trim the edges, those sharing a table arrange their "Red Dots" into a larger group abstract piece. (My students sit four to a table.)

Any shape can be used (geometric or organic), and the older the students the more complex you can make the challenge. (Ex. Use two or three circles of different sizes and observe the changes in negative space as you move the shapes around the black background.)
Some of our red dots arranged into an abstract composition.

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