Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recycled Collages!

In celebration of this amazing planet we call home (and because there was a poster competition...), 3rd-5th graders made collages out of scrap paper, old newspapers, and other random odds and ends. I sent five posters off to the competition, but the rest were so fabulous that I just had to put them up outside my room (all the ones that were finished - or mostly finished - anyway).

As with any competition that comes our way, I worked in a little curriculum, as well. We discussed a bit of collage technique, such as gluing down objects in the background first and using overlapping to show perspective. Students also had the challenge of combining collage with drawing. I think they did a really nice job, and the project coincided nicely with everything else "Earth Day" that was happening on campus.


  1. I like your recyclable projects.
    The last one is my favorite :)

  2. Thank you! I thought they turned out really well, and while all the clutter that accompanies collage (with 6 classes of 15-24 kids) drove me a little nuts, the students really enjoyed the freedom the project allowed them.